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Tyler Tedrow

Food Blog

Tyler Tedrow is a professional residing in Winter Park, Florida. He balances his career with his interests in food and in travel — which often go hand-in-hand as he has explored regional cuisines, novelty restaurants, and more around the world.

Tyler is interested in trying out all types of food places. Each place has its own unique style and taste to offer, and each place does its part in representing the surrounding community. However, one thing is for sure: they all offer the opportunity to explore new foods and connect with people.

In his travels, Tyler has always made it a point to try out the local food. He is especially interested in food that is locally grown and sourced so that he can have a truly authentic experience. Some of his favorite recipes that he has tried over the years were shared with him by friendly locals on his domestic or international vacations.


"Old World" Cafes

Hole-in-the-wall eateries

Futuristic, modern-day restaurants

A Global Perspective

Over the years Tyler has explored a variety of cuisines, ranging from the fusion of influences in Caribbean dishes to the many regional interpretations of East Asian cuisine. He is currently interested in exploring the definitive dishes in areas across the United States. As a bona fide “melting pot” of cultures and ethnicities, the United States offers extremely diverse cuisines depending on where you are. Tyler is interested in exploring what each region of the country has to offer, such as the quintessential “soul food” of the South, or the blend of Native American, Spanish, and European influences that make up Southwestern cuisine.

While Tyler is interested in the long standing geographical, historical, and sociological aspects that define most cuisines, he is also interested in observing new developments or trends in the food industry. Things like pop-up restaurants and food trucks have enjoyed a surge in popularity, while various novelties or trendy foods crop up to enjoy their own “fifteen minutes of fame” every few months.

This blog will cover some of the most appealing restaurants available to foodies around the world, as well as some of the most interesting cuisines that cultures have developed over many years.