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Sometimes high-quality food isn’t enough to draw in customers. Nowadays, tourists almost expect a dynamic ambiance to accompany their dining experience. Any foodies interested in the world’s most daring restaurants can’t afford to miss this list. Below are five of the most unique restaurants in some of the world’s hottest travel destinations.

  1. White Rabbit, Moscow

For the best views of the Russian capital, visitors must book a table in the glass-domed restaurant White Rabbit. Situated on the 16th floor of Smolensky Passage, this restaurant boasts spectacular 180-degree views of Moscow. White Rabbit’s chefs specialize in putting modern twists on traditional Russian cuisine.

  1. Ninja New York, NYC

Ninja New York was designed to transport New Yorkers from the chaos and confusion of modern Manhattan into the serenity of 15th century Japan. Not only will guests find authentic feudal architecture and Japanese cuisine here, they’ll also find samurai warrior-waiters sworn to protect all patrons. Visitors can visit this fun restaurant at 15 Hudson Street in Lower Manhattan.

  1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

As the name suggests, the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is located about 16 feet below the water at the Maldives Rangali Island Conrad Resort. Conrad employees boast that the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is the first totally glass undersea restaurant on earth. While exotic fish are swimming all around them, guests can enjoy a wide array of European specialties on Ithaa’s menu.

  1. Dinner In The Sky, Belgium

From “under the sea” to “up in the air,” next on our list is Belgium’s Dinner In The Sky restaurant. Founded in 2006, this “restaurant” is actually a table that suspends guests and chefs in the air thanks to a giant crane. Although Dinner In The Sky originated in Belgium, the concept has spread to over 40 other nations like Mexico, Japan, and India.

  1. Safe House, Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Safe House restaurant was designed to look and feel like a building in which CIA officials would carry out their operations. In keeping with its theme, SafeHouse doesn’t advertise, nor does it have a flashy sign on the front door. People who want to eat at this restaurant have to be “in the know.” Heck, customers even have to guess a secret password before gaining entry to this family-friendly restaurant, much like a speakeasy. Anyone interested in carrying out a covert dinner operation at SafeHouse should stop by 779 North Front Street in Wisconsin’s busiest city.