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As family and friends gather ‘round to enjoy all the warmth and festive fun of the holidays, there’s nothing quite as enticing as a glass of delicious wine, perfectly paired with the holiday meal’s appetizers and main courses. The good news is that there is a great selection of affordable wines available for savoring during this festive season, and all the wines on our special list offer a great value, along with great drinkability.

From deep, spicy reds, to smooth, oaky whites, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for great wines to savor during all the holiday cocktail parties and meals of the season. Take a look and find a couple of choices to savor from this list of budget-conscious favorites.

Here are some great wines for the season that offer great taste at affordable prices:

Tesco Finest St-Mont, France 2014, £6

Priced at just £6, this clean white wine by the Gascon co-operative Producteurs Plaimont is a very budget friendly French wine that offers a lot for the price. This wine has a tangy, tropical-hued flavor that pairs wonderfully with fish or a range of white meat poultry dishes.

Taste the Difference Gruner Veltliner, Austria 2015, £8

This dry Austrian white wine combines the fresh tastes of apple, celery salt and white pepper for a very memorable finish. The Niederösterreich Riesling from this brand, offered at the same price, has floral hints that combine nicely with a sharp lime flavor. These are great wines to pair with fish dishes and salads, for a lighter holiday meal.

Orbitali Squinzano, Puglia, Italy 2012, £5

This red wine from Southern Italy is an example of one of the great tasting reds from this region, which is offering up some great bargains for truly delicious wine. This wine offers a lovely combination of fresh cherry notes along with dried plum, with an added overall spiciness that’s very enticing.

Setze Gallets Garnacha Monastrell, Valencia, Spain 2014, £7.25

Spain also has some great value wines on offer, like this very fragrant Mediterranean blend. This unique wine combines a bright berry fruitiness with a deep tannin, making it a great choice for a meal of cold cut meats, as the holidays wind down.

Taste the Difference Pic Saint-Loup, France 2015, £8

This delicious red from France offers an easy-going feel with some surprising spice mixed in. The taste combines peppercorn, black olives and herbs, along with a juicy hint of bramble bush fruit. This is a great wine to serve with hearty beef dishes.

Jean-Luc Baldès Malbec du Clos, Cahors 2012, £8.99

This Malbec from southwest France has a savory flavor of dark fruit, with a fresh acid taste and a hint of floral. This is a delicious choice that holiday guests will savor with their Christmas meal.

As the holidays loom, start planning ahead for your Christmas dinner wine selection. There are great values out there, so order a great selection today.