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The City of Angels is well known for its diverse cultures, vibrant nightlife, and celebrity status; all of which seem to cast a shadow over its incredible restaurants and unique dining experiences. From Beverly Hills to Downtown Los Angeles, the city boasts some of the best restaurants in the world. The following are just a few of many.

Cal Mare

This Italian seafood restaurant’s roots began north of LA in San Francisco, but soon relocated after realizing their potential. Cal Mare was started by Adam Sobel and Michael Mina as an homage to the incredible foods of Italy, with dishes incorporating traditional Mediterranean recipes and modern twists on a few classics. Importing their ingredients from local farmers, Cal Mare offers a variety of pizzas, whole grilled fish, an eclectic collection of pastas, and homemade Italian sodas and cocktails.

Dialogue Restaurant

Tourists visiting Los Angeles might have a bit of trouble finding this tiny restaurant nestled in a Third Street Promenade food court, but the search ends with an incredibly delicious reward. Dialogue Restaurant is a small, 18-seat business in Santa Monica that features dishes crafted by Dave Beran and James Beard; two award-winning chefs that have risen to fame in the culinary world. Ther menu focuses on the seasons, with local ingredients changing accordingly. The intimate setting is meant to start conversations among guests and the staff, hence the restaurant’s name. If you’re looking for an upscale, unique dining experience, Dialogue Restaurant is one of your best options.


With a soothing cafe environment reminiscent of a neighborhood coffee shop or downtown loft, Gesso is a very hospitable Italian restaurant that serves some of the best pizza in West Hollywood. Open at 8 a.m., guests are able to indulge in brunch, lunch, or dinner, with a variety of items ranging from pasta dishes to charcuterie boards. Started by Jewish-Italian chef Doug Miriello, the food and cocktails served here are inspired by his background and upbringing on the East Coast, fusing several styles under one roof.

Oriel Wine Bar

Located in Chinatown, Oriel is a popular bar for wine connoisseurs and foodies seeking a quick, but enticing appetizer. Though their food menu may not be as big as most, the items served are delicious enough to attract any and all customers, as they are paired to perfection with their extensive wine list.


Chef Steve Samson started Rossoblu to blend the Italian culture that encapsulated his life growing up in Bologna, with Los Angeles’s diverse culinary flair. The restaurant’s enormous space located in LA’s Fashion District offers exquisite pastas and grilled meats that pay homage to Samson’s upbringing, and is helped run by his wife, Dina, truly defining what it means to be a family business.